About Us

We are a fully licensed pest control company offering a detection only service. Since we do not perform any treatments, we are giving you a totally unbiased inspection. Each of our handlers are Branch 2 licensed in CA and C2 licensed in NV and legally allowed to perform inspections and identify pests. Washington and Idaho do not have licensing available for K9 detection only handlers, however you are getting the expertise of our handlers in these states. We visually verify all alerts.

Our K9/handler teams are certified annually by The World Detector Dog Organization (WDDO). They are a 3rd party scent detection dog organization that tests to the highest standards. Our teams are tested using a random double blind test. Our dogs are trained to alert on live bugs and viable eggs only!

We are discreet and confidential and always arrive in an unmarked vehicle.

We search: hotels, resorts, multi-unit complexes, homes, theaters, airplanes, cars, boats, taxis, limousines, cruise ships, trains, buses, commercial offices, retail businesses, dormitories, healthcare facilities, shelters, secondhand stores, post vacation luggage checks, pre-home sales, pre-home rentals and more.