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90 Million Americans Planned Their Trips Online Last Year

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Many potential clients book their hotel or check business reviews online. There are many new websites posting confirmed or unconfirmed bed bug reports. Some of the many sites include: Google, Bed Bug Reports, Bed Bug Registry, Raveable and Yelp.

After reviewing these sites, your clients may choose to take their business elsewhere. One single online posting may create a lifetime of financial impact, as well as causing permanent damage to your reputation.

Over the last few years there has been approximately 30 million dollars in lawsuits filed against US hospitality businesses for bed bug issues. This figure does not include the potentially thousands on settlements agreed upon behind closed doors.

According to recent studies:

1,270 bed bug reports for Las Vegas

650 bed bug reports for San Francisco

150 bed bug reports for Santa Cruz

70 bed bug reports for Lake Tahoe


A woman who received more than 400 bed bug bites during her stay at San Francisco’s Hotel has received $71,000 to settle her claim against the downtown hotel. The out-of court settlement is the largest ever paid to victims in similar bed bug-attack cases.

bb3According to the City Star: The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, spent three nights at the downtown hotel in October 2005. During her stay, she noticed small blood stains on bed linens and discovered several insect bites on her face and body. She mentioned the “bug problem” to the hotel’s concierge when she checked out.
Within a week, her face and body was covered with hundreds of bite marks, causing intense itching. She sought medical treatment and was told that it could take up to 10 days for her skin to fully react to the bed bug bites and related irritants, including bug feces.
A few weeks after the insects had a blood orgy on the woman’s sleeping body, she developed “steroid acne,” after treatment for the bites. Nine months later was diagnosed with dermographism, a skin condition where you can, more or less, write on your own skin.

bedbug-bitesSvetland Tendar is the third tourist to sue the famed Waldorf-Astoria since last year. Svetland is asking for $10,000,000. -1/7/11 -New York Daily News

Three women who allege they had been bitten over 100 times have settled out of court. Nichole Eatman, Vera Domini and Regina Martocci said they met with representatives for the Rodeway Inn, Glendale California and have reached a settlement for an undisclosed amount. –5/2/11 Glendale News-Press

A woman has recieved $70,000 claim against San Francisco’s Hotel after she had been bitten over 400 times by bed bugs. Within a week of her stay her face and body was covered with hundreds of itchy bites. In a few weeks she developed “steroid acne”.  In 9 weeks time she was diagnosed with Dermographism, condition where you can, more or less write on your skin. –10/05 City Star

bedbug-bites-on-face43 Residential tenants filed suit against North Oakland’s California Hotel.”the bed bugs are drinking my blood and eating me alive” Frank Benavidez -8/05

It’s not just in the hospitality and multi family dwellings…

In New York, two Abercrombie & Fitch Stores had bed bugs, causing temporary closure and a drop in stocks by 2%.

Victoria’s Secrets, Times Square movie theater, Hollister Clothing & Niketown in New York, had also been contaminated by bed bugs.

Bed bugs have been found in high-end store on Rodeo Drive.

In New York, during the height of the 2010 Christmas shopping season, Juice Couture had to temporarily close its doors for bed bug treatment.

Don’t let this happen to you…
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